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How you build a business and lifestyle is defined by your imagination, creativity, mindset, the choices you make and the "massive action" you take.

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Creative Logic

Local · Design · On Demand. CreativeLogic bring decades of experience in business, design and technology together to provide "from concept to customer" on-demand design services for startups and small-to-medium enterprises.

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Delsys is a visual and systems thinking consultancy that has been innovating in the consulting field out of Ottawa, Canada for 35+ years. We are working with the company to transition into a new phase of digital and design thinking.

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QMPAS (pronounced compass) is a results-based reporting and communications platform for large business and government agencies. It helps business managers and analysts collectively design, communicate and measure their strategies, activities, indicators, outcomes and results.

Value Based Transactions Product Screenshot

Value Based Transactions (VBT)

VBT is a distributed approach for delivering “services-as-product”. Rather than managing people, tasks or time, distributed teams send "content packages" across the supply chain to manage the input, output and throughput of their work.

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CAMP stands for Community Association Market Place. We're asking people in our municipal community a question: Can we enable and inspire a more engaged and thriving personal/community life?

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