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Fractionl started with a few people trying to build our "dream" jobs and lifestyles, independently together. We had been independently starting businesses or working as contractors, developers, designers and sales agents for years to various degress of success.

Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs and engineers, developers, makers, marketers, people with ideas. We love the grind of building a business. But the risk and stress that came with trading that steady paycheque for a 60+ hour work week full of meetings and deals and lawyers and investors... all for an 80% chance of failure. Not as awesome:)

Why We Chose Fractionl

The 9-5 lifestyle didn't exactly work for us either. We like to be in control of our time and our tasks - mainly because we really like being lean, efficient and effective with our time. More importantly, we like being part of the decision making process that dictates how we spend our time. Most businesses do not have an inclusive decision making process, and because of this people spend over half their time in meetings or doing rework to solve the same superficial problems over and over. Yeah that's a loaded statement. More on that in future posts:)

Turns out a lot of people feel the same way about their jobs, for different reasons. Only about 2 out of 10 people love their jobs today. Industry and region depending, the world average sees 13% of people engaged in their work, 64% not engaged, and 23% are actively disruptive.

The cost of spending 6+ hrs a day doing something you don't like or working with people who don't care about their work is very high. Too high. We know people care - very deeply actually. What's hard is that most of us are not in the career we thought we would be. On top of that most of us are just "staff" who are not connected to the reasons and decisions behind how we spend our time. The end result is the vast majority of businesses operate in mediocrity, a sub optimum level of what people are truly capable of when they are dedicated and excited and aligned in their work.

The mental, emotional, physical and sometimes financial cost of being a part of this system is high. We don't want to pay that cost, not now or 30 years from now when it really starts to take its toll. Not when we know how amazing it is to make good money doing work you believe in with people who care.

Our Goals

Yes, we love the entrepreneur's grind. We didn't do it right from the start. In fact, we probably learned the hard way more times than not. Too much "boys and toys" mentality investing time and money on exciting ideas that were never validated. Chasing investors like money was the most important thing. Money was never the hardest thing for us, it was the work/life balance. The one pitfall we were stuck in the most was being that entrepreneur who worked 100hrs a week just so we didn't have to work 40hrs for someone else.

It only took as a short decade or so to figure out the right way for us. Which is what brought us to Fractionl, and the idea of building a community and technology to help independent people work better, faster, smarter together. Our goal is to make it easier for people like us. People who want a simple, free and sustainable lifestyle. People who want to learn, share and work with groups they trust. People who want to apply their skills to build successful ideas that generate passive income.


We think it should be easier, and more fun, to design lifestyle and business projects together with people who want to balance work, family, fitness and fun.


We think it's important to build a diverse financial portfolio. Work on different projects that generate active, passive and recurring income.


We think people need to be free, and feel free, and most of us aren't and don't. Free up your most limited resource – time. Have the freedom and power to choose how and with whom you spend it.


The world is full of opportunity. Discover and develop challenging businesses with the right people and collective processes.

What do YOU Want?

Most people want something different in their life. Forty percent of employees want to open a business ( article ). 66% of "millennials" want to start a business ( article ). Few of us will actually do it. About 70% who try will "fail" within the first few years.

The question is: Can you afford to keep trying? We think it can be easier to find the right people, to pick the best idea first, to minimize the risk, and to build a diverse business portfolio together with people who want the same lucrative and sustainable work/life balance.

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