You have an idea.

A problem you want to solve. A business you want to start. A lifestyle change to make. How do you ditch the paycheque without the team, time and money to make it happen?

Fractionl started with a few people asking that question. We wanted to build our dream jobs and lifestyles with less risk.


We're entrepreneurs. Engineers, designers, makers, marketers... people with ideas.

We love the grind of building a business. But the risk and stress that came with trading that steady paycheque for a 60+ hour work week full of meetings and deals and lawyers and investors... all for an 80% chance of failure. Not as awesome.

9-5 Clock

The 9-5 lifestyle with a tired, two-day weekend didn't work for us.

Only 2 out of 10 people today love their jobs while the rest of us are "surviving". The deferred cost of spending 6+ hrs a day doing something you don't enjoy is too high. We wanted to separate time and money, and enjoy every free minute of work and life.

Change Arrows

If you're like the majority of people out there who want something different...

...welcome to the club! Seventy five percent of us are "surviving" more than we are happy. Forty percent of employees want to open a business ( article ). 66% of "millennials" want to start a business ( article ). Few of us will try, and even fewer will succeed.

Cartoon Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur shouldn't mean working 100hrs a week...

... just so you don't have to work 40hrs for someone else. Being an entrepreneur wasn't easy either. Long hours, no pay, and an 80% failure rate even after you find investors and raise that magic money.

Our goal is to make it easier for people like us.

People who want a simple, free and sustainable lifestyle. People who want to learn, share and work with small teams they trust to build successful ideas that generate passive income.

Benefits of a Fractionl approach to building a business:


Shared Costs

We share and split fixed costs (space, domains, trademarks, legal, etc.) whenever possible.


Being "fractional" doesn't mean being equal. You contribute the time and finances you can offer.


Teams have diverse skills and perspectives. Independent, critical thinking is highly valued.


It's all about small teams of pepople aligned around the same values and objectives.

Fair Process

We strive to find the next, best, right idea using open, transparent and scientific methods.


Everyone is an entrepreneur, a contributor, part of a team. This is not an overseas labour force.

Collective Thinking

Collectively, we look to build on the best team > idea < market fits to generate real value.


Trust makes or breaks a team, so we use tools and processes to help build and maintain it.


Simple, visual, systems and design thinking tools are being developed to make work easier.

We'd love to hear about what you're working on if you want to share.

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