Independent Together

Building a diverse and resilient business portfolio to support what's important - family, fitness, financial freedom and fun.

Buying and building scalable, sustainable business
A team and technology to extend your capacity
Building a diverse and resilient income portfolio
Separate time and money to focus on what matters.

A Fractionl approach to work and wealth.

We are entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and developers who buy, build and grow businesses together. We focus on finding the right businesses to buy, building or integrating technology to modernize and automate processes, harnessing our skills and collective intelligence to build a resilient business ecosystem.

Focus on What Matters


Design your life and work so you can provide for and spend time with the people you love.


Having the time and a community of people supporting a healthy lifestyle.


A diverse portfolio with a few business partners who generate passive income.


Free up your most limited resource: time, and the choice of how to spend it.

There are good ideas and problems to solve everywhere.

The challenge is usually execution. How do you figure out what idea will work? How do you manage the effort, money and talent needed to build something great? We're building the tools, processes, team and resources to capitalize on the right opportunities, spending fractional time on different ventures in a way that boosts everyone's welath and cashflow.

Fractionl Evolving Paradigm

An Evolving Paradigm

While remote work is changing the landscape, the deferred cost of spending 8+ hrs a day doing something you don't enjoy is too high. We wanted to separate time and money, and enjoy every free minute of work and life.

We buy and build the work we want so we can spend our time and money on what's important now, not thirty years from now.

Fractionl Square

Minimizing Barriers & Risks

Building wealth as an individual or single family can be difficult and risky. Real estate is expensive, markets are volatile, and you're limited to how you can apply your time, money and knowledge. As a group we can apply our time, money and knowledge on building a diverse and sustianable system that is resilient to any market disruption.

The collective approach eliminates many of the barriers and risks to starting and running your own business, and delivers much more equity and cashflow than houses and the average individual investment portfolio.

Fractionl Cube

Building on Real and Stable Business

Starting a business is difficult, especially one that isn't tied to your time providing a service. Getting to the point that you have enough customers to generate a profit is very difficult, especially if you want to do that organically. Most startups require investment, most startups never make profit for years, most startups take up 100hrs or more of your time per week, and most startups fail.

Meanwhile, a trillion+ dollar market of real, sustainable businesses exist that need a new owner, new thinking, new technology, and modern processes. Why not start your new business with 5,10 or 20 years of customer history, profit and a higher-than-average salary?

Our Businesses

Screenhouse Website


Screenhouse Brand

An e-commerce, drop shipping business selling DIY screen wall systems, patio covers, enclosures, pergolas, awnings and more. Over 80,000 visitors to our websites across North America every month.

  • Retail / E-Commerce /
  • Drop Shipping
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Bellastone Brand

Manufacturer and distributor of acrylic bathroom walls shipped to dealers and distributors across North America. Bellastone wall systems offer a premium finish without the high-end hassle or cost. Just as beautiful, but easier to ship, store, install and maintain

  • Manufacturing /
  • Shipping & Distribution
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Milestone Bath Products

Milestone Bath Products

Milestone Brand

Wholesale bath distributor with over ten thousand products available for a bathroom reno project. Everything a contractor needs for bathroom remodelling projects shipped anywhere across North America.

  • Wholesale /
  • Warehouse & Shipping
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Project image

PDN Systems

PDN Brand

A software development and consulting company with a software platform used to rapidly prototype and implement business management and automation systems.

  • Software Platform /
  • Software Development /
  • Business consulting & modernization
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Patiosmith Brand

A quote automation platform for suppliers, dealers and contractors who quote complex, turnkey products. Enables instant, error free quoting for the most complex products with 3D models, built-in engineering and more.

  • Software as a Service
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Qmpas Application


Patiosmith Brand

Projects and priorities powered by collective intelligence. Our platform where we develop business tools that don't exist or need to be integrated into a system. Features like using collective intelligence to score and prioritize anything, monitor business processes and financials, engage our team and customers to gather intelligence, and more.

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An approach to continually expand our capacity to create the results we truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, continually learning to see, shape and measure the whole together.

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