Independent Together

Building a diverse and resilient business portfolio to support what's important - family, fitness, financial freedom and fun.

Buying and building scalable, sustainable business
A team and technology to extend your capacity
Building a diverse and resilient income portfolio
Separate time and money to focus on what matters.

A Fractionl approach to work and wealth.

We are entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and developers who buy, build and grow businesses together. We focus on finding the right businesses to buy, building or integrating technology to modernize and automate processes, harnessing our skills and collective intelligence to build a resilient business ecosystem.


Focus on What Matters


Design your life and work so you can provide for and spend time with the people you love.


Having the time and a community of people supporting a healthy lifestyle.


Diversified revenue streams providing financial freedom to live and invest in new projects.


Free up your most limited resource: time. Control where and how you spend it.

We build lean, modern, high-margin businesses.

We work with entrepreneurs, family businesses, and owners to modernize, automate and scale businesses. We specialize on acquiring and modernizing traditional, product-focused businesses in distribution and light manufacturing sectors. We have a proven track record of success - fast, lean and sustainable growth - with a portfolio of businesses that support a financial and technical infrastructure built to streamline acquisition, modernization and growth.

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Fractionl Evolving Paradigm

Buying And Investing

The business and employment landscape is rapidly and continually changing. Remote work, artificial intelligence, competitive markets can make it difficult, time consuming and stressful to maintain your career, manage and grow your business.

You might not have the time, energy or resources for the next big push your business needs.

Maybe you want to be a part of something that's more than what you could do on your own. That's what we do - work "independently together" on a portfolio of businesses, with some shared resources and infrastructure, that supports and enables us far beyond what we could do alone.

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Fractionl Square

Minimize Barriers & Risks,
Maximum velocity and efficiency.

Building wealth as an individual or single family can be difficult and risky. Starting a new business is risky and difficult to make the leap from paycheque to revenue generation. Buying the right business can minimize a lot of the risk. With a refined acquisition and transition process, can lead to quick success for buyers, sellers and the business carrying on.

We've been through startup, acquisition, modernization and growth processes multiple times in various industries. Through each process we've designed and refined a suite of executive, financial and technical systems that make decision making, strategic planning, requirements gathering, planning and execution quick and efficient for complex and manual business processes.

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Fractionl Evolving Paradigm

Our Portfolio

Check out our portfolio of businesses that we have started or acquired over the last 10+ years. We specialize in acquiring and modernizing traditional, product-focused businesses in distribution and light manufacturing sectors. We also have software and consulting businesses that we continue to leverage and grow to support our acquisitions.

Fast, lean and sustainable growth - it's a unique and opportune time to be buying and growing a business.

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Fractionl Cube

Shared Resources,
Artificial + Collective Intelligence

There's a different way to work. A different way to start and grow a business. Shared risk, shared resources, technical infrastructure and rewards.

We're dedicated to improving and continually expanding our capacity to create the results we truly desire. To nurture new and expansive patterns of thinking, to set our collective aspiration free. The tools, technology and processes we build help us continually learn to see, shape and measure the whole together.